A short walk from the Q

The number “444” (44 zhang, 4 chi, or 444 chi) prescribed for the length of this important imperial ship was certainly no accident. Four was the symbol for the earth, which was thought to be “four cornered.” The Middle Kingdom was imagined to be in the middle of four seas. There are four cardinal directions, four seasons, and, according to Confucian philosophy, si wei, “four bonds” or virtues: propriety, integrity, righteousness, and modesty. All were auspicious associations for the treasure ships. Image Copyright Lisa Whiteman:

First day at work

I really appreciate it when a smart number matches a significant moment in your life. Today is 12-6-2006, significant because I start a new job as creative director, Schematic (New York). I’m really thrilled and feel very privileged to be joining them. They are behind some of the best design work for television 2.0

Pleasures with ichat

Apple iChat enabled this sparky conversation with some distant friends in Scotland. Okay, some credit does go to broadband internet for providing a fast, stutter-free video connection. I’m putting this up out of great respect for the humor/spontaneity of good video chat. These lovely bunch of friends are all alumni of Edinburgh College of Art.

Femme Fatale

Angry Femme Fatale with high heel in her hand

I’m figuratively dressing a femme fatale for a cinematic sequence.

She’s well read, well-spoken and has her own particular ‘likes and dislikes’ navigating several centuries of art/culture yet enjoys talking up trashy fashion.

Make no mistake, this women is versed in the science of seduction. Frankly, her weapon of choice is the sophisticated pencil skirt, a move of her calculated creativity.

‘Seek and you shall find’ meaning accept deeper research. The true jewels of this intriguing femme fatale can be found fairly easily. I’m adoring this women already. Defining more expression/history/character traits will allow us to go beyond stereo-typical references.

She’s a trained master in seduction.

“slim silhouette stays that way – with just a flattering hint of poufiness”

The hand-on-hips is a unifying image of sophisticated 1920’s style femininity.

Femme Fatale wearing pencil skirt

The high-hip skirt is a much softer look/playful touch. Black nylon tights, or something with a slight pattern. Elegant Christian Louboutin’s stilettos, painted toes, red gloss, towards the darker side of red.


HT: britangelica.tumblr.com