Halitosis be damned

Mint is an extensible, self-hosted web site analytics program. Its interface is an exercise in simplicity. Visits, referrers, popular pages and searches can all be taken in at a glance on Mint’s flexible dashboard. But today this lovely PHP program wiped out the database for the last 12 months. Now we are figuring out how to magically restore it all.

Reversal Poster

Harmen Liemburg Lecture Poster, based on the original poster on the postcard for a Bruce Mau lecture (see below).

Ecospace Prefab Garden Studios

Treehugger (2006) explains:
They are available in modular or “bespoke”, built from sustainable timber and sit on an adjustable bearing shoe that minimizes site disturbance. We also like the green roof: “A planted green roof system is used which was developed in Germany over 25 years ago. The green roof is ecologically sound and aesthetically reduces visual impact of the studio. It is a low maintenance roof with plants well suited to cope with a full range of conditions. Species include mosses, succulents, herbaceous plants and grasses. The Bauder green roof has a high insulation performance.”

EcoSpace UK

Hasselblad Master Winners 2008

Hasselblad announces the ten winners of its Hasselblad Master Award for 2008. Some amazing talent behind these respectable cameras.


The best seat in the house

Walking a mile in another person’s shoes may be the best way to understand the emotions, perceptions, and motivations of an individual; however, in a recent study appearing in the December 2006 issue of Psychological Science, it is reported that those in power are often unable to take such a journey.

Galinsky and colleagues also found that power leads individuals to anchor too heavily on their own vantage point, thus leaving them unable to adjust to another person’s perspective and decreases one’s ability to correctly interpret emotion.

Galinsky says that this research has “wide-ranging implications, from business to politics.”

For example, “Presidents who preside over a divided government (and thus have reduced power) might be psychologically predisposed to consider alternative viewpoints more readily than those that preside over unified governments.”

Galinsky also adds that a key is to somehow make perspective-taking part and parcel of power, “The springboard of power combined with perspective-taking may be a particularly constructive force.” Science Daily article

Valuation = P x S x E

Where Valuation = Problem x Solution x Experience

New York Times quote “V stands for valuation, or the worth of the start-up. P is the problem the business is trying to solve. S stands for the “elegance of the solution” and E the experience of the management team. The maximum value for any of the three is three — meaning the maximum a start-up can be “worth” is 27. The higher the score the better. If “V” is zero, or a small number, presumably the business is doomed.”


This reminds me of a young Lara Sellars. Nicely played act of gorgeousness.

Rock solid determination


From Paul Zollo’s book Hollywood Remembered, an oral history of the movie industry: A 2001 interview with A. C. Lyles, a producer at Paramount who was born in 1918 in Jacksonville, Florida and worked at Paramount for over 60 years.

When I was 10 [in 1928] I wanted to make movies…

I had seen a picture called Wings — the first and only silent picture to win the Academy Award — with Clara Bow… and a new fella named Gary Cooper [who subsequently became a huge star]. I went and just fell in love with that picture. It was a Paramount picture playing at the Paramount Theater [at the time, the studios owned the theaters] in Jacksonville. I had seen that it said Adolph Zukor Presents, so I was in awe of Adolph Zukor [the founder and CEO of Paramount]. I spoke to the manager of the theater that day [to see] if he would give me a job. And he gave me a job handing out leaflets…

After four years in the job [he was then 14] I eventually met Adolph Zukor… when he came to Jacksonville. I asked him to let me come to Hollywood to work for him. He said, “Well, you’re just a kid, but you’ve been working for Paramount now for four years at the theater. So you finish high school, keep in touch, and I’ll hire you when you get out of high school.”

Now that was extremely kind of him… when he said to keep in touch and finish high school, my main objective then was to finish high school. But the most important thing was writing him a letter every Sunday. He didn’t tell me to write him every Sunday, he just told me to keep in touch. So I wrote him every Sunday for four years.

He didn’t write back — I didn’t hear from him but it didn’t matter. I never lost confidence or lost courage. I just knew he was looking forward to my letter each week as much as I was looking forward to writing him.

One day Gary Cooper came to my hometown. I was writing movie news for the hometown paper. I saw Mr. Cooper and I told him I would be out here in Hollywood to work at Paramount as soon as I got out of high school. And there again, for some reason, he took a quick liking to me. I told him about my letters to Zukor every Sunday and he asked me what I would be writing about this week, and I said, “Oh, about meeting you, Mr. Cooper.”

So he said, “Give me a piece of paper.” So he… wrote a note to Adolph Zukor saying, “I’m looking forward to seeing this kid on the lot.” So I wrote to Mr. Zukor telling him I had met Gary Cooper and enclosed the note to him.

Then I heard from Mr. Zukor indirectly. A woman named Sidney Brecker, who was his secretary, wrote to me and said, “Mr. Zukor has been receiving your letters. But he feels that you don’t have to write every week. If you wrote once every three or four or five months, that would be enough.”

Well, that didn’t discourage me at all. I continued to write to Mr. Zukor every Sunday. But I also had a new pigeon, Sidney Brecker, his secretary. So I wrote her every Sunday too. My whole main objective all week was what I was going to write to Mr. Zukor. Then I had to write another original letter to Sidney Brecker…

I wrote [Zukor] a letter every Sunday for four years, keeping in touch. The day I got out of high school [in 1936, in the heart of the Great Depression], I was in a day coach headed for Hollywood, where you sit up — probably four days and four nights. I had $48 in cash that I had saved up, and two loaves of bread, and two jars of peanut butter and a sack of apples, and I headed for Hollywood. Got off the train downtown, took the streetcar straight to Paramount, and told them at the gate to tell Mr. Zukor I was here.

    And I’ve been here ever since.

Producer, A. C. Lyles

Tea and Sympathy

Drinking Tea

It was once said that nothing can’t be solved by a cup of afternoon tea

The best way to show your gratitude is with a tea cup, a saucer and some fine tasting tea and cakes. Afternoon tea honors those with delectable taste for the finer things in life. Notably bringing calm to a world that needs more peace.

Remembering a time when tea competed with playing football. Now tea competes with coffee and the occasional run around Prospect Park.

Start always at the beginning.

As daft as that might sound, it’s rare for many projects to start at the proper beginning. When somebody says “cart before the horse” usually the original premise or context has jumped out of the stables. Now can we ask to retrace those original first ideas/thoughts?


RCA 1995-1997

Dan Sellars post-graduate design study was at the Royal College of Art. The image above is taken from his interactive narrative project that he directed/designed as part of the CRD 1997 show.

Nine Star Ki was a late night interactive film experiment running on three TV channels simultaneously. You would be allowing viewers to experience a thriller by switching between opposing points of view. This conceptual interactive tv prototype could be deployed (assuming three UK network television stations would agree to run the films simultaneously) without expensive costs.

Becoming Animal

Becoming AnimalAn interactive performance piece developed by Minimaforms for this years Faster than Sound Festival in Bentwaters’ K9 building in Suffolk, England. The project develops the story of the mythical three headed beast Kerberos, guardian of the underworld. The project will be installed at the K9 building in Bentwaters Airbase in Suffolk, England. Bizarre. I have no idea what’s going on? Do you…

David Salle Studio in Fort Green

david salle building in fort greenAsked why Salle chose Fort Greene, David Fratianne, an architect working on the project said,

“It’s an edgy neighborhood and he’s an edgy guy and the house is a little edgy.”

Despite all that edge, not everybody is thrilled with what they see.”It’s exciting to have such a high-profile artist in the neighborhood,” said Chris Gullian, a sculptor who lives just a few blocks away.

“But I think that building is a blemish on an otherwise beautiful community of old buildings.”

Empire Strikes Back

Think of it as a smack down between King Kong and Godzilla. Hours before sunrise today, two lighting behemoths faced off at the Empire State Building, vying for a $5 million contract to bring 21st century illumination to New York’s tallest skyscraper.

NY Times article covers the story behind the fascinating job of lighting one of the greatest landmarks in the city.

Bush on google search

Bush Statistics

For over two years now, US President, George Bush, has been topping Google searches for the term “miserable failure“. Now, all that’s about to change – what with Google having designed a new algorithm to minimize the impact of this ‘Google Bomb’.

Tony Robbins

A metaphorical ginnie in the bottle. You need to have a goal, make a map, have a sense of urgency (don’t stop) and possess empowering emotions. Honestly, Tony’s telling you what you know already, the real nugget is understanding how to realign lost inspiration.